Large Tier 2

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The Large Basket Bundle includes four of our signature wines you can pick from, along with one of our custom wine keys, lots of sweet treats, two charcuteries, two boxes of specialty crackers, honey butter, our favorite olive oil, all wrapped up in a snowy crate.

Bundle 1: Robert Sinskey POV - Cabernet Blend, 

Rochioli - Chardonnay, 

Ken Wright  - Pinot Noir, 

Marietta - Syrah Blend

Bundle 2: 

Robert Sinskey Orgia - Pinot Grigio, 

Robert Sinskey POV - Cabernet Blend, 

Marietta - Syrah Blend, 

Emmolo Methode - Traditionelle Sparkling

Bundle 3: 

RobertSinskey‘POV’ - Cabernet Sauvignon, 

Chateau Lamothe - Sauvignon Blanc, 

Stephen Vincent  - Napa Blend, 

Maritta - Syrah Blend